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Thank you for applying to Winds of Creation. Before you consider applying to us, read rules on forum (under development).

We're recruiting exceptional players, who are willing to become part of end-game team, whose goal is having fun while raiding and compete with top guilds on server at the same time. We expect you to be mature, work by yourself to increase your raid performance and use your head while raiding.

Because of this, we want you to fill in the answers to all our questions, as leaving any of them blank may result in instant decline. Please take into consideration that this is our first impression of you as a person and player.

When applying to guild, you first have to make account on Enjin and than come back to our page. Remember, even if your class is not on the recruiting list, it'll be taken into consideration if enough effort has been put into it.

We thank you for applying to our guild. For any additional information, you can contact our officer team in-game (you can find the list of them here).

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