Cant remeber if i declined or not, but i wont make it. In my way home from scotland.
have major internet problem will let u know at raid time :)
Cannot make it today i will be back again next week
Propably won't make it today
Merry christmas "Mythic" raiders :d

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1 week, 2 kills!

By Videlmoo - Emil a - Posted Jul 31, 17

Winds of Creation have faced a good bunch of problems and issues throughout Tomb of Sargeras so far, but we've held our heads up high and fought through it! That's in the same week we downed Harjatan, we went in and downed Demonic Inquisition without too much of a hazzle(even though we killed it the classic WoC-lastminute-style as we usually do). 

And as our so dearly loved(and apparently very delusional) Shaman, Fleshcrawl, who so wholeheartedly said that he was the sole reason we got Harjatan down, even though we all know he was just lucky! ;) Though of course the sole reason we downed Demonic Inquisition, was due to our wonderful, amazing and all-around great Spacebear tank, who stepped in when we needed it the most. 

On a serious note, awesome job guys! Congratulations to everyone who was a part of the kill, and let's now continue our journey deeper into the Tomb of Sargeras, as we will be going for Sisters of the Moon next!

- Videl :)

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