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Had one hell of a storm last night, couldn't get online at all, sorry fellas.
So quiet...I'm scared.
I can't make it for today's raid due to work
If yes then only from november. I might restart playing faster though. :)

WELCOME to Winds of Creation website!

We are a World of Warcraft raiding guild, residing on Daggerspine-EU for over 9 years. Our goal is to be a successful raiding guild, that provides members with great social environment and connects fun with end game raiding.

1 week, 2 kills!

Videlmoo - Emil a posted Jul 31, 17

Winds of Creation have faced a good bunch of problems and issues throughout Tomb of Sargeras so far, but we've held our heads up high and fought through it! That's in the same week we downed Harjatan, we went in and downed Demonic Inquisition without too much of a hazzle(even though we killed it the classic WoC-lastminute-style as we usually do). 

And as our so dearly loved(and apparently very delusional) Shaman, Fleshcrawl, who so wholeheartedly said that he was the sole reason we got Harjatan down, even though we all know he was just lucky! ;) Though of course the sole reason we downed Demonic Inquisition, was due to our wonderful, amazing and all-around great Spacebear tank, who stepped in when we needed it the most. 

On a serious note, awesome job guys! Congratulations to everyone who was a part of the kill, and let's now continue our journey deeper into the Tomb of Sargeras, as we will be going for Sisters of the Moon next!

- Videl :)

Eskulap a This must be the shittiest screenshot I've seen to date. What's the model of the toaster you're playing o...
armokratis Wtf Videl your big butt covers the true hero of this fight. I miss Esku cute little monk :(

Time and time again...

Fleshcrawl a posted Jul 27, 17

With Kil'jaeden finished on heroic difficulty, we've started banging our heads on mythic. Goroth went down without any issues, though it was harder then Skorpyron. After that we've decided to give Harjatan and his pack of murlocks a go. Fellow guildmates were banging their heads on the murky wall for couple of days. What they did not realize is they were missing a gem in their composition to lead their way. It was at this point when Fleshcrawl the Great stepped in, raised the flag up high and led the team to victory within a single try. Congratulations to everyone on the kill, onward to Inquisition (eventhough no one expected them...)

Harjatan mythic

On the side note (like at every post), we're still recruiting competent and relaxed spawns of nature to fill our ranks. If you think you have what it takes, bump the button on the left and never look back.

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

Kil'Jaeden's Finally Down!

Gind a posted Jul 13, 17

I'm not one for the words so i'll make this short and. After way too long time the KJ is finally down obviously due to the most awesome replacement tank :D who made raids posible this week. Unfortunately not everyone could be part of the kill due to holidays and stuff. It would be guild custom to add the missing people to the photo but I'm too lazy for that. Happy birthday Noemata!

Cell You did good, replacement tank! I AM PROUD!
Nocfolic a Next time it must be fil writing something :d
armokratis No warlock in the pic no fun!!!!

Mythic Raiders!

Eskulap a posted Jun 20, 17

Three hundred and one. That is 301 pulls it took us for Gul'dan to be permanently moved to the list of bosses we have managed to kill.

What a boss though. Aside from it being a very well designed fight with tons of interesting mechanics, for us it also ended up being one of the most bug-ridden and disconnect-prone bosses to ever see the light of day. Blown fuses, melted routers and even rage quits, this boss has seen it all. With a bunch of close calls (one wipe being basically at 14 million health left) followed by even more stupid wipes, we at last prevailed a single day before there would be no edge left for us to cut anymore.

Congratulations everyone, the Mythic Raiders meme is not dead yet. Gratz to Kaiju for getting the mount and thanks to all the members who were there throughout the wipes, but didn't manage to see the kill - there's a special place for you in my heart (and more importantly, the screenshot). Now let's continue like this in Tomb - get hyped for wednesday!

On a different note:

Guild Meeting:

Where: Prague, Czech Republic
When: 28. 9. 2017 - 1. 10. 2017

Make plans guys, this shit is happening!


Zlysher Grats on the kill guys :) just in time as well :d
Trolnaldo The trolnaldo during boss though lmfao xD
Qurall Nooo, I was looking the wrong way, god damnit

One to go!

Eskulap a posted Jun 4, 17

So we've been slacking a bit over the last few months. Well, slacking on updating the website anyway - on the other hand we more than compensated for it with our actual progress. In the two months since the Spellblade kill we've managed to kill not one, not two, but actually all but the lats boss of Nighthold, pushing us up to 9/10 Mythic.

Congratulations everyone on all the gear, and thanks for staying with us throughout the wiping. We've now got two more weeks to get our shit together and make it in time for Cutting Edge: Gul'Dan.


*(Images are placeholders, I'll update them with the guild logo shortly.)

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