noc in his glory - [link] (old players will understand :sick:)
Quick note for this evening (I'll repeat when I log on for the raid) - the Fatboss tactic has been hotfixed and will not work anymore. Been looking at forums for post-fix strategies, but was just so people are aware we can't cheese the encounter!
Uncortunately it seems it bugged out. I suggest you copy your answers into notepad, just so you have backup if this happens again
Did my app go through? Seems like it bugged out when I clicked submit.
I'll be like an hour late for the raid due to brother just callin to say that he and his gf is coming over for dinner :sick: Save a spot for please <3

WELCOME to Winds of Creation website!

We are World of Warcraft raiding guild,residing on Daggerspine-EU for over 7 years. Our goal is to be a successful raiding guild, that provides members with great social environment and connects fun with end game raiding.

We started this week with clearing everything we killed last week in a day, so we had a full day to spend on Gorefiend on Sunday. It took us couple of tries to get used to all mechanics and how to cope with different abilities being thrown at you at the same time, but in the end we got his ass covered. Very interesting and fun encounter, so far this is the pinnacle of Hellfire Citadel bosses. Congratulation to everyone on a new kill and let's keep pushing, Shadow-Lord Iskar is next on the list!

Gorefiend heroic

As with every news post, recruitment is still up and running. If you feel this is the guild for you, throw us an application!

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

Good day, better news!

Nocfolic a posted Jun 30, 15

Today we add another 2 bosses to the list! First off we went to the Hellfire High Council, whom after a couple of tries seemed fairly easy. With a tweek here and a small change there the Council members were killed.

After our midbreak we went for Kilrogg Deadeye to learn the hidden skills of growing skulls on beards after drinking demon blood. We didnt learn anything though and instead killed him. He proved to be more of a challenge compared to the Council, but went down in a "clean kill last pull" style. The WoC way!

Hellfire High Council heroicKilrogg Deadeye heroic

Great job everyone, next week we shall add more hopefully.

Yours truly!

You shall pass!!!

Fleshcrawl a posted Jun 29, 15

Another raid night, another kill(s). This time around we came back to Hellfire Citadel to finish what we started with Iron Reaver. After couple of tries we got everything under control and we've shut the machine down.

Iron Reaver heroic

After Iron Reaver we've decided to give Kormrok a try, hearing that is a very interesting encounter. It took us couple of tries again to get the grip on the encounter and in the end we got a perfect kill. Congratulation to everyone on new trophies!

Kormrok heroic

Recruitment is still open, we're in great demand of some ranged damage dealers and healers. If you feel this could be your new home, throw your application to our faces.

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

New patch is here and with it new bosses to kill. This time around we've decided that we will skip normal difficulty and start with heroic raiding straight away to get most enjoyment out of the instance.

Yesterday we had our first raid in 6.2 and it brought us a new kill - we conquered Hellfire Assault and opened doors to citadel itself. Encounter itself is nothing special, but that was to be expected from first boss of the instance. We also tested our strenght on Iron Reaver; got close couple of times, but we just have to put cherry on top of our execution and she will go down. Congratulation to everyone on new kill and see you soon on next one!

Hellfile Assault

We still have our recruitment open, particularly for range DPS and few healers. If you feel like this could be your new home, go for it and impress us with your application!

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

6.2 and summer!

Nocfolic a posted Jun 22, 15

Summer is here! And with it the new patch will be released, introducing the new raid The Hellfire Citadel. A place thats always warm, therefore a good season to be released in (hellfire.... anyone..?).
This raid will be a road down nostalgia-lane for many of our Burning Crusade members with lots of old known bosses. "The good old times"

With summer here raid attendance will be random at best. Many of us have to go on vacation, spend time with friends and/or family, such is the nature of this time of the year, like it always has been. Dont be discouraged!

That being said recruitment wont go up much to make up for the members going on vacation, that will only leave us with too many when they return. Recruitment is still open however and we are always looking for another good player to join our roster.

Have a wonderful summer!
The officercrew of WoC


Fleshcrawl a I love how Vallek took 3 hours before photoshooting to get all this make-up on him and removing stains of Nacho cheese.
Jow Cheers!
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