change of plans. i am able to come
seems like we will struggle with tanks tonight then :sick:
Im not able to come tonight :(
Not sure I f I can be on tonight, in Switzerland atm, have wow installed on laptop but not sure what connection will be like,
Enjoy your progress ppl. Cya o/

WELCOME to Winds of Creation website!

We are World of Warcraft raiding guild,residing on Daggerspine-EU for over 7 years. Our goal is to be a successful raiding guild, that provides members with great social environment and connects fun with end game raiding.

With getting close to our 8 year anniversary, we have finally decided to have our first real life guild meeting and put some of the faces on top of those cows or undeads. So, for our first meeting we've chosen Prague as our venue. Eventhough attendance was not at it's peak, I must say it was a success. We had great time - checked some parts of the city and just enjoyed talking random stuff over a fine beer (pictures below clearly show what was our focus).

Beer museum pubHooters

Again I would like to thank to everyone who came and made this an unforgettable experience. See you all on next meeting, which will surely happen way faster than in another 8 years!

Winds of Creation

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

It has been a log journey, but as of today, Blackrock Foundry production is shut down! It took us couple of days to ajdust ourselves to Blackhand heroic encounter, but in the end we prevailed. It was a close kill, but kill nonetheless. Congratulation to everyone on well deserved kill. 

We are now looking forward to our mythic adventures! We still have some spots open in our roster, so if you consider yourself mythic material, don't hesistate to contact us or make an application.

Blackhand heroic

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

Nocfolic a Ill let you in on the secret then! You went dogy mode spelling Blackrock
Fleshcrawl a I'ma lost
Nocfolic a I'ma let you finish flesh, but Blockrock foundry? Thats the minecraft version if anything

Promise delivered!

Nocfolic a posted Mar 30, 15

Tonight was another progres night for WoC, and as promised we made a killshot at Blast Furnace. We have spent many nights at this boss, and tonight looked like any other night. Getting a clean first phase was getting better and better and before we knew it, we were fighting the Furnace itself. The final phase proved to be quite easy and we managed to get a new boss on our list! Grats to the looters, grats to the guild, and cheers for being here all the wipe nights!

The raid tomorrow will be a full night at Blackhand heroic! Hopefully this will be the final push through Blackrock Foundry!

Yours truly!


Happy Easter!

Nocfolic a posted Mar 27, 15

The Easter holiday is around the corner! May you have many decorated eggs brought to you by a giant rabbit, and if you have to spend time with your family, may it be a good time!

Raid attendance will be lower, as to be expected with the holidays, but WoC will still be raiding if at all possible during this time. With 8/10 hc Blackrock Foundry on farm we still look for good dps to join our ranks.
The Blast Furnace has brought as many wipenights but we hope and think this week will be the final push towards Blackhand. Killshot will be posted as soon as the Furnace is down!

From all the officers, we wish you a happy Easter!

This week we focused purely on Blackrock Foundry heroic to progress deeper into this interesting dungeon. On Thursday we cleared everything we cleared so far, creating a perfect position to progress further on Sunday.

We expected Kromog to be tougher opponent than it actually was. Execution on runes was great, movement was on the level etc. Kill came very soon and without much practise.

Kromog heroic

After Kromog, we decided it is time to give Iron Maidens encounter a go. We needed a bit of practise, but toward the end of night we had no problem reaching last phase. Today, we adjusted stragety a bit and with keeping calm in last 20% we had a perfect kill. Congratulation to everyone on great progress this week. Blast Furnace awaits!

Iron Maidens heroic

I would also like to welcome every new blood that we got to our guild during our last recruitment campaign! There are still some spots open, so if you feel our community would suit you, feel free to apply!

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

Pertoluk Nice progress yet again , lets keep building on it Mythic here we come? ...
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