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WELCOME to Winds of Creation website!

We are World of Warcraft raiding guild,residing on Daggerspine-EU for over 7 years. Our goal is to be a successful raiding guild, that provides members with great social environment and connects fun with end game raiding.

Deadline Day

defteh a posted Sep 8, 16

Yo its your boy.. nevermind.

For those of you who don't read the forums Wednesday 14th September is the deadline to pick your main for raiding. After the deadline we won't be accepting re-rolls except in extreme circumstances. Please please please pick something you're happy using for progression long term. 

If you haven't declared your main yet, please do so here. Anybody returning late to the game to level or some such will still have to declare what character they intend to play on prior to joining raids.

If you have any queries message myself, Esku, or Flesh and we'll try and fill in any blanks.


- Nem

We're back!

Eskulap a posted Jul 21, 16

Well. Kinda. The page requires some updating and the guild is still rather empty, but I have re-subbed, and we'll start rebuilding as quickly as possible. So, to anyone reading this - welcome back :D.

Update: Nocaroo has already made a thread about it, but for those who only ever visit the main page, here's a reminder - please post your main in THE DESIGNATED THREADYou have up until 11th of September to response.

Serod I ain't coming back until i get a new computer QQ
Disarray Welcome back everyone lets get things going again
Pertoluk Im back to join the madness once more mwhoaoaoa can't wait to hear those crazy raid nights again... and hopefully s...

Raiding and WoC

Nocfolic a posted Feb 17, 16

Hellooo! It is i, Noc!

I know its been a long time since our last update, specially from me. The reason is fairly simple though, as we dont kill new bosses so too does the forum lack kill pictures. So what then?

We have been losing raiders the last month to real life, boredom and other things. Obviously mythic raiding requires 20 members online, and with the current drop in our roster we cannot assemble such a number. This is a dangerous spiral, as losing even 1 raider might stop us from raiding at all. Not raiding at all ends up losing even more players - you get the picture.

The officercrew are doing what we can do recruit, but we need your help if we are to be successful. Help spread the word to forums around the internet, if youre in a dungeon/raid with a guildless player and situations like that. Anything is better than nothing.

But dont despair. WoC will persist like always, and will be around in Legion and whatever comes next. And we will raid again, even though we have hit a dry spot right now. Our core is strong.

Yours truly!

So, yeah, I don't usually write these. Ever, in fact. But I guess there's a first to everything ...

With our illustrious guild leader being MeyeA, we've had to settle with the remainder of the officers handling the guild. Unsuprisingly enough, the council without a leader was a resounding success and results were immediate: we're no longer struggling to get 20 people together and the guild is finally 5/13 on Mythic.

Thursday started with us going for a quick Mannororth and Archimonde HC to get the ring upgrades. Once that was done, we stormed into Mythic with the intention of making some progress on High Council as we only barely missed the kill last week. After some hiccups on the Iron Reaver we killed Kormrok on the 2nd pull and then, even to our surprise, 2-shot High Council as well.

Hellfire High Council

With our spirits high and our confidence higher we decided that Kilrogg should go down on Sunday, while Monday was going to be left for some Gorefiend wiping. Alas, Deadeye had actually proven to be a tougher nut to crack than we had imagined (though I guess it should've been expected, considering our HC Kilrogg kills), but he still eventually rolled over on Monday. Congratulations to everyone on both kills.

What's left for us now is the Guild Breaker - Gorefiend. We did manage to get a few tries out, and the fight is exactly as hectic as predicted. Not that we're worried, of course - we've been around for long enough. No fat ugly boss is going to be the best of us.

As for new members - you're still welcome to apply. While we have reduced recruitment quite a bit, we will still gladly take a look at any exceptional applications, so don't be discouraged and feel free to apply.


It's been a while...

Fleshcrawl a posted Nov 20, 15

I am thrilled to announce that hand jokes are finally behind us! Kromrok has been killed on 4th and final difficulty. With more and more players quitting the game until Legion we had some hard times getting mythic group together, but thanks to every member chipping in with recruitment, we have reached healthy number of members.

Yesterday we started our standard mythic raid, cleared first 2 bosses without any issues and than prepared to give Kromrok a try, again after almost 2 months. Took us some time to get the hold on movement, but in the end the beast layed dead! Congratulation to everyone on new kill and again, big thanks to every member helping in anyway.

Kromrok mythic

Our recruitment is still open though, particularly some ranged DPS and a healer. Think that you can handle all the abuse? Than hit apply button now!

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

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