I'll be late like allways, 1-1½H
sorry guys but think i can only come for the last hour
Running late be on asap
Wont make tonight.

WELCOME to Winds of Creation website!

We are World of Warcraft raiding guild,residing on Daggerspine-EU for over 7 years. Our goal is to be a successful raiding guild, that provides members with great social environment and connects fun with end game raiding.

And finally Arhimonde is down! He proved to be a really tough end boss; we progressed steadily through different phases and today we finally mastered last phase, which really proved to be a complete mess. It took us some time to get Shackled Torment timings right, but once that was settled, kill was inevitable. Congratulation to everyone on nice kill and another monument you can use to boast yourself in front of you followers in garrison. Kill video will be uploaded shortly.

With most of raid night left, we've decided to give mythic a try. Assault proved to be much more enjoyable on mythic and after some tweaks (and one 1.5s wipe), we got our first mythic kill in Hellfire Citadel. Next on our list is Iron Reaver!

Archimonde heroic Hellfire Assaults mythic

Recruitment is still up, particularly for some healers. You think you can be as mental as we require? Hop on the abuse train and post an application!

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

Sacrifice people v.2

Nocfolic a posted Aug 6, 15

After killing Mannorth WoC style, aka 15 min after raids end, the theme of Hellfire Citadel is clear. If a certain ability is too much for the raid to handle, just let that/those members die. Sometimes there's even the bonus of members having immunity abilities and not die.
We tried a couple of different tacticts on Mannoroth, finally ending up with the one we used first. The fight itself didnt seem hard until the last phase, and as said that last phase was so much easier when we just let people fend for themself when feared.

Only one boss remains, the final of this expansion. Lets do this!

Djaday Gz guyz hope u bring Arch down asap ...
Gunchix Im pretty sure there are still 13 mythic ones waiting, so 14 left.

Last raidnight of the week, 1 night spent on a new boss. Tyrant Velhari proved to be quite challenging and a dps check for sure. We had all night here and we used all night and then some. It seemed like the damage taken in the final phase was too much, and so we chose a dark path and sacrificed our allies. Whoever was picked by Velhari's Edict of Condemnation would just have to run away and die. We wil remember the sacrifice you made, obviously you are now dead for real and must start a new character.

We have had some good progres this summer, Hellfire Citadel is almost purged. The hardest fights are yet to come though, only Mannoroth is in our way before the final confrontation with Archimonde. Keep it up! Know that we (the officers) hate alot of stuff, but you guys are alright'ish.

Yours truly!

Xhul'horac down

Nocfolic a posted Jul 27, 15

With every raidnight we get a little bit faster clearing the "farm bosses" in Hellfire Citadel. By doing this faster we obviously get more tries on new encounters and tonight was, after killing Socrethar, a night spent on Xhul'horac. Surprisingly we didnt need that many tries to get our kill, but its was a somewhat chaotic learning curve.

So what did we learn from this fight you might ask? If you mix the colors green and purple shit's about to hit the fan! Thats the color brown for the slow ones...
Recruitment is still open for some caster classes. If you are a shrewd, slick ladies' man with a craving for tank tears then we are the place for you! Drop an awesome application and you just might get lucky!

Yours truly!

defteh i hate you all.
Fleshcrawl a Sure, which 4 people are tanking?
Grimmjow a GJ peeps... Timewalking soon?

Grom Hellscream saved us!

Nocfolic a posted Jul 20, 15

The last day of the raid week is over and we add another boss to our list. We were at the mercy of the Fel Lord but Grom saved the day. After the kill he even carved out a well deserved trophy in memory of his kill. We as a guild would like to thank Grom, for without him we would be stuck here forever. May he and his family live forever!

On a serious note this boss seemed to be fairly simple and a short fight. With good awareness and some luck with the pillars Zakuun fell. As always the boss was killed close to raids end, the WoC way!
As always our roster is open! If you like to be yelled at and listen to very inappropriate jokes then we are the guild you seek!

Yours truly!

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