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for all old folks, you should remember this one : [link]
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Wolli, can you have combatlogs stacked on one page at mr. robot? like we have at warcraft logs?
Sorry for not being there, got tons of work at my job + am sick. Best of times, truly.

WELCOME to Winds of Creation website!

We are World of Warcraft raiding guild,residing on Daggerspine-EU for over 7 years. Our goal is to be a successful raiding guild, that provides members with great social environment and connects fun with end game raiding.

After clearing up to Blackhand on normal mode last week, we decided to start on heroic mode this week. Joining our adventures was a hidden guest, called Pepe.

We killed bosses, that we've killed before, without any issues and started working on Operator Thogar. After small tweaks, we got the bastard down. His trains small run no more.

We've also decided to give Flamebender Ka'graz encounter a tryout. We were doing good, and after some overnuking of the wolves, we got a good, clean kill. Congratulation to everyone on new trophies.

Operator ThogarFlamebender Kagraz

We've also extended our recruitment to all DPS and healing classes. So if you see yourself as part of our community, feel free to contact us ingame or post an application on webpage.

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

Pertoluk o no PEPE i will tell hunters to shoot on sight!!!
Grimmjow PEPE!!!

Heroic progress

Fleshcrawl ao posted Feb 22, 15

This week we decided to start focusing more on Blackrock Foundry heroic, since it seemed we are missing quite some easy-taking kills.

Last week, Gruul and Austrian twins were slain and Beastlord was taken care of. Congratulation to everyone on new kills! More heads will roll soon.

We are still recruiting, both healers and damage dealers. If you think Winds of Creation could be a guild for you, feel free to contact us ingame for more details or apply on our page!

Beastlord Darmac heroic

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

Naughty girls got spanked

Fleshcrawl ao posted Feb 16, 15

After weekly clear of previous bosses, we decided to give Iron Maidens encounter a proper try. We were pretty close to a kill on our first try already, but in the end it took us some tries to get Dreadnaught and transition phase right. Congratulation to everyone on a new kill on our list. Onwards we go to clear rest of normal and heroic Blackrock Foundry!

Iron Maidens

On the side note, we're still recruiting! You consider yourself good player, who's in this game for some fun? Click apply now and join our ranks (recruitment picture is in preparation)!

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

Pertoluk o Aint we all?
The dog a And you call me a pervert?

This week came the opening of next raid, Blackrock Foundry.

On Thursday we had our first raid on the fortress of Blackhand and experienced major issues with server stability. We lost some people even before we pulled our first boss, but luckily enough people were able to stay in raid to continue our progress. On that night we got 4 new kills on our list - Gruul, Oregorger, Beastlord Darmac and combo of Hans'gar and Franzok.

Today we continues our adventures, which brought new kills; Flamebender Ka'graz and Kromog were next names to get crossed from the list. Congratulation to everyone on all the kills.

We are already working on next bosses, more nerd screaming expected soon!

Our recruitment is still open, especially on ranged DPS. If you think Winds of Creation is suitable for you, don't hesistate, apply now!

Kormog normal




Pertoluk o I still hear the trains in the night...

With Heroic highmaul down we wanted to try mythic before 6.1. We started the night by clearing the normal version since we didnt have enough members online. As the night went on we were able to gather the 20 people needed, and so we had a go at Kargath.

The fight was obviously harder than it used to be, but we improved at every try. On the 6th try we had the tactics down and did a somewhat clean kill. Good job everyone, the first step into mythic has been made!

One can say that we Bearly made the kill...........

Yours truly!


Pertoluk o Was a nice kill that one, glad to be a part of it gave me what i needed the feeling of being part of progress. Cheers t ...
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