No worries, got the message. Generally that's what the shoutbox is for :d
Hi guys can some1 of u hand over this msg to vildel or esku... i had unexpcted flight and not sure when am going to land but hopefully it will be soon. Not sure if i will miss the raid or not either way GL there guys.
Hey! Sorry, I'm not going to be there tonight. Family things have popped up. Good luck!
Won't be coming tonight due to my professor moving a couple of classes to start @ 17:30 and won't end until around 8, and I can't make it home in time before about 21-21:30.
I might be slightly late for tonights raid. I will keep you updated when we get closer

WELCOME to Winds of Creation website!

We are World of Warcraft raiding guild, residing on Daggerspine-EU for over 9 years. Our goal is to be a successful raiding guild, that provides members with great social environment and connects fun with end game raiding.

We're still here...

Fleshcrawl a posted Apr 10, 17

If you wondered why there's no news posts, it's because my slacking is contagious, particularly the picture cropping one.

That being said, we're still raiding, no worries there. And you won't believe it, but we're actually doing some nice progress. After a bit of a bump on mythic Krosus, we were finally able to overcome the beast. That left us to give a poster child of eloquence a try. Spellblade Aluriel is actually a fun fight on mythic. We expected more of a challenge, but our members proved to be quite adaptable to situation and we managed shut her up for good.

Spellblade Aluriel mythic

On the side note, our roster filled up nicely, but we're still looking for competent and friendly guild mates. You think you have it in you? Try your luck with the button on the left.

Last but not least, I still owe you something. Bask in the glory of the kill!

Dragons of Nightmare mythic

Enjoy, Fleshcrawl

Nocfolic a Mein gott!


Nocfolic a posted Mar 3, 17

As we have progressed through the Nighthold, we started to feel the effect of the real enemy when raiding - the 20 man group for mythic. Obviously its the way it is, people tend to come and go, real life is busy here and now and some might even not enjoy the mythic struggles. Right now our raidgroup size is at its limit, and we have begun to see raidnights without 20 members, which of course means no raiding. The focus is now on recruitment!

We need more members, as of this date we are in need of dps and anything goes. Of course we have a recruitment list here on the forums, that list is always up to date and so you can all help us recruit.

To any newcomers - we go by the rule of "the player not the class", and if you feel like you are a good player, but you cant see your class on the needed list, make that application anyway! We hope to see you soon.

Yours truly,

Runes? What Runes?

Eskulap a posted Feb 14, 17

This is a slightly unexpected update, if I'm honest. While we did have intentions of going back to Trial of Valor at some point, I didn't think we'd see it again so soon. Alas, Chronomatic Anomaly kicked our asses a bit, and to get spirits high we decided to rather give Odyn a go.

The fight was surprisingly easy, though probably due to how much we actually outgear it; outside of some random deaths, because people forgot to step into their runes, phases one and two were a complete breeze. Phase three, however, would've definitely required a bunch of wipes had we been doing this while it was still relevant. The main reason we managed to get through so easily was really the fact that with this much gear runic explosions tickle, so as long as the raid isn't stacked in one spot, the majority will survive regardless of runes. But, in the end, a kill is a kill, so gratz to everyone. Hopefully the next post will again feature a boss from Nighthold.


Oh, and before I forget - since our ability to do screenshots on time is completely non-existent, I again had to add members into it in post production. Have fun figuring out who is who :D.


A wild update has appeared!

Eskulap a posted Feb 10, 17

As you know, we usually upload pictures and make a new post for every boss kill. However, as we entered Nighthold heroic, the first few bosses ended up being so easy that we felt it wasn't worth bothering, since we'll be done with the raid in a week or two anyway. Apparently, though, Gul'dan didn't get the memo.

Seriously. While Elisande and High Botanist might have given us some trouble, we didn't spend too much time on any of the first 9 bosses. Seems like Gul'Dan took notice of that and decided that it was time to slow down, consequently delaying Mythic progress by almost two weeks. Stupid warlock just didn't want to die - if people weren't getting knocked off the platform, they melted in Liquid Hellfire, got destroyed by badly broken bonds, or Gul'Dan simply obliterated the raid with harvesting too many souls. Either way, it's been a while since a boss has caused us this many problems, but he finally died yesterday and in two shots at that. Apparently knowing Michael's going to be late to the raid is a great incentive.

With that done, we had plenty of time to jump into Mythic. Skorypron M, aside from being less colourblind friendly, isn't much harder than his heroic iteration. As long as everyone is aware that we can't knockback-pull all the scorpions anymore, that is. A few pulls in and people got the hang of the mechanics, shattering the fire/poison/arcane arachnid into a rainbow of shards.

Following that, we did get some tries on Chronomatic Anomaly as well, but a lack of preparation, especially on the raid leader's part, meant we couldn't kill it quite yet. There's one more raiding day left this week, though, so expectations are high.

Overall, the raid is turning out to be one of the best ones yet, with great atmosphere and interesting bosses. Congratulations to everyone on all the loot and kills, now let's get our shit together and clear out Mythic as quickly as we can!



Eskulap a posted Jan 10, 17

Finished. Cleared. The end. Ggwp. EZ!

And EZ it was. I'm not kidding, no idea what Blizz was thinking when they designed Mythic Xavius. This was the most random and simple last boss encounter to have ever seen the light of day. Sure, we wiped in the first phase for a while, but the one time we got to phase two without having sent all the Nightmare Blades through the raid, the boss simply dropped. This might honestly be the first time I've ever felt some disappointment after a kill.

Be that as it may, Xavius is down and Emerald Nightmare is cleansed of the corruption. Even two months ago I did not expect us to get this far, so thanks to everyone for proving me wrong and putting in the time and effort to make it happen. Congratulations on getting Cutting Edge, well deserved, all of you.

Xavius Mythic

So, what's next? We got one week left before Nighthold hits, though with 7.1.5 changes. We'll try to re-clear everything, as there are more members who deserve the achievement. Once that's done, it's time to prepare for the new raid, which we'll be beginning on heroic. Bring your raiding pants guys, these bosses seem a tiny bit more complicated than what Emerald Nightmare threw at us.

So, yeah, I'll be seeing you all in Nighthold.


armokratis If u upload a Xavier's video I want "Fear of the Dark"-Iron Maiden as it suits perfectly :)
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